Going Public

F.A.T. Studio CIC, London
September 2021

Led by Evelina Hägglund
Co-organised with Rachel Sale and F.A.T. Studio CIC
Supported by F.A.T. Studio CIC

Going Public was a workshop for young people held at the Old Kent Road Art Club, exploring the public spaces that we live in, and our role within it. Together, the group considered how they would like to participate and intervene in the neighbourhood we inhabit by imagining our own public sculptures and installations for it. Led by Goldsmiths MFA graduate Evelina Hägglund, the workshop began with field research. On a walking excursion around Old Kent Road, participants showed each other familiar and unfamiliar spaces, discovering corners of the neighbourhood not previously known. Thinking through what was needed and desired in these spaces, the group then envisioned and made their own artistic interventions in the form of drawings or sculptures, placed back out around the spaces and uploaded to Google Maps as new landmarks.

Image Credits:
1. Going Public workshop
2. Chains by Ankita at Veolia, uploaded on Google Maps
3. Going Public workshop