Mapping Local Ecologies
Goldsmiths CCA, London
Ongoing (2021-2022)

Supported by Goldsmiths CCA

Mapping Local Ecologies, a part of the Residents programme at the Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, presents a schedule of regular events and activities aimed at re-discovering and re-engaging with historical and newfound narratives within the locale of New Cross and South East London at large.

In the form of a research group, the year-long project aims to explore local oral histories and accounts seeking to address themes of gentrification, local identity, and community building. The events will be led by various guest contributors such as community members, local artists and networks within the broader Goldsmiths student ecology.

Aiming to engender the production of uncommon knowledge of shared urban space, the group will imagine New Cross as a site of transformation through collectively producing a cartographical document to re-trace existing histories and potential futures within the neighbourhood.

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Image Credits:
1. Mapping Local Ecologies ‘Open Day’ event, installation shot
2. Mapping Local Ecologies workshop, ‘The Politics of Wordlessness’ by Evelina Hägglund, photo by Edward Longville
3. Mapping Local Ecologies workshop, ‘Mapping Colour’ by Gal Leshem, photo by Edward Longville
4. Mapping Local Ecologies workshop, ‘Havens in the City’ by Ruth Beale & Amy Feneck, photo by Amy Feneck