odd souls fall madly
the Debris riffs endlessly
into the minor Gods
SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Los Angeles
February 2022

Co-curated with Elisabeth Smolarz
Work by TOWERS (Dione Lee, Ethan Sim)

odd souls fall madly is a debut exhibition by artist collective TOWERS exploring the production of doctrine and power through cultural objects. Presented as a series of large-scale cyanotype prints, the work brings together human craft and machine- learning technology. Each print begins with hand-drawn or photographic images of cultural and historical artifacts that are sourced online and fed through multiple layers of processing and manipulation, resulting in unpredictable, infinitely reproducible patterns. Each one ends with the cyanotype printing process through which they are subject to the whims of the sun and natural weather conditions, ultimately blurring the boundaries between craft and technology, and authenticity and replication.

Works will remain on sale through SPRING/BREAK Art Fair until May 2022.

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odd souls fall madly, installation images