June 2021

Co-curated with Yurika Imaseki, Fiona Irene Graf, and Edward Longville
Work by Asuf Ishaq, Onyeka Igwe, Peter Spanjer, and Gal Leshem
Web Design by Sean Burn
Supported by Goldsmiths CCA

Regroundings brings together work by London-based artists Asuf Ishaq, Peter Spanjer, Onyeka Igwe, and Gal Leshem for a week-long film programme, in response to Mohamed Bourouissa’s exhibition HARa!!!!!!hAaaRAAAAA!!!!!hHAaA!!!. Departing from Bourouissa’s use of critical documentary, each artist deploys the medium of film to explore colonial legacies, ongoing racial and socio-cultural inequality, and diasporic identities. In each work, the lens functions as a tool to navigate the body and its relation to place, developing narrativ e approaches to questioning collective histories within each artists’ locale.

Regroundings takes the form of a conversation between the artists and curators, published periodically alongside each film. Through the act of direct-messaging, these conversations attempt to tackle a sense of unbridgeable distance in a time of viral isolation, delving deeply into the films’ respective explorations through informal exchange.

Scroll through the full conversation here*.

*the artists’ films are no longer available for viewing through the chat page.

Image Credits:
1. Regroundings, chat excerpt
2. Still from Mother (2020), film by Asuf Ishaq, courtesy of the artist
3. Regroundings, chat excerpt
4. Still from the names have changed, including my own and truths have been altered (2019), film by Onyeka Igwe, courtesy of the artist